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  • The Smargiasso knot cover fits most ties perfectly, the important thing is to consider the size of the knot according to the thickness of the fabric. To help you with this, follow these instructions:

    1 - The knot should be symmetrical, such as the Windsor or similar

    2 - For particularly narrow ties a bulkier knot will be advisable

    3 - Thick ties will have fewer problems of adaptability with a less bulky knot such as the Pratt.

    4 - Avoid very long knots as they may slip out of the seat of the knot cover.

    5 - Once the knot cover has been positioned as shown it is essential to tighten the knot to ensure it is held in the correct position. Generally speaking it is essential that the knot fills the cover and you will easily notice if it is secure simply by wearing it.

    6 - The insert shown in step 5 is supplied with all Distinto knot covers. Its function is to ensure perfect adhesion and to prevent falls due to fast movements.