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  • 2 Years

    We spent 2 years developing a product that communicates as well as looks. We have studied the shapes and tested the geometries to guarantee a unique and prestigious accessory.

  • 3 hours

    Each knot cover is entirely hand-detailed and it takes our craftsmen more than 3 hours to finish every single detail. This is the secret of our success.

  • 4 Processing

    Like the best jewellery in the Italian artisan tradition, the wax model is cast in metal and then hand-finished and polished. Our craftsmen then carry out a plating process, to which a further protective layer is then added.

    The concrete symbol of a piece of jewellery.

Your style forged in metal

The concrete symbol of your success, the perfect synthesis of who you are and the authentic expression of your unmistakable style. Our craftspeople create works of art to enrich your outfit and make you feel unique, proud and accomplished.

Avoid being obvious...

We have thought of you who know who you are and who wish to communicate your personality forcefully. Like you, we don't like to be standardised and we always think outside the box; our commitment is to make you feel part of our vision.

...success can be seen

Our master craftsmen work tirelessly to guarantee the quality that your image deserves, we study every little detail to give you the emotions of exclusivity that you know you deserve.

We believe in tradition

It is from a deep knowledge of tradition that we start in order to innovate. Our creations tell the story of our company history, the hours spent creating drafts and countless tests on materials and finishes. Every single knot cover contains a piece of our experience and we are proud to present it to our customers as a work of art.

We believe in Made in Italy

The creative range of our artists and craftsmen is the emblem of excellence in our country. We are the nation of beauty and the cradle of every form of art. We treasure our historical culture every day because it is the engine of our creativity.

We believe in quality

That is why we avoid standardising the production process. We remain attached to traditional production techniques because we are not prepared to give up quality and product perfection.