Smargiasso was created to revive a dream of style. We have the desire to bring innovation to the world of fashion through refined design, an accessory that conveys the personality of the wearer and makes people rediscover the desire to wear a tie with a new philosophy. Our knot cover is not just a design accessory but has the ambition of being the junction point between innovation and tradition. Through our way of rediscovering the use of the tie we communicate our personality, our values and our desire to interact with the world around us. Smargiasso is a philosophy, a new interpretation of fashion that finds support in the sartorial tradition to combine the best Made in Italy ties with an extra special feature. Our ambition is to reinvent the reasons for wearing a tie. At a time when the dress code is less restricted and more open to creativity, we believe that it is possible to renew it elegantly without upsetting the canons of seriousness and sobriety. We are firmly convinced that creativity is our best ally and "the Italian Mood" is what makes us appreciated all over the world.


The assiduous commitment to research and innovation in the production sector has led to the creation of a revolutionary and unique accessory imbued with elegance and originality. The model, with its bold design, is a forerunner of new aesthetic canons: the institutional tie knot has been revisited and reinvented in an exclusive way. The Smargiasso knot cover is a harmonious fusion of timeless elegance, attention to detail, passion and know-how.