New technologies combine with craftsmanship

Each knot cover is crafted and cared for to the smallest detail

  • Replicatore.it

    To dare, to surprise, to break through with a new philosophy: the brand's aim is to convey a desire for worldliness and elegance in all its simplicity in a unique accessory.

  • Informareonline.com

    The world of fashion opens us up completely to an infinite world of possibilities. We are constantly looking for the new, experimenting and turning our work into a work of art every day.

  • Antonella / Foligno

    I thought of giving this eye-catching accessory to my father who always dresses young and elegant, I had no idea he would be so happy with an original thought. I will also be buying one for my boyfriend soon, perhaps in a brighter colour.

  • Ivan / Napoli

    I didn't wear a tie, but after discovering this tie cover I thought it might be an interesting novelty. I am very happy with the purchase and think it is fashionable.

  • Cesare / Roma

    I am a lawyer who likes to dress fashionably and I have to be honest I have fallen completely in love with this piece of jewellery. I bought one in metal and it's a sight I didn't expect in person.