Una collezione altisonante

An important collection

Collections with an important name, Sofisticato, Distinto and Trionfale, three ways of being, three personalities and a single jewel, the knot cover that wants to show its character through refined and organic shapes. It is no coincidence that for such a young collection such challenging names have been chosen, everything stems from the history of the brand and the design studies that have led to the maturation of the lines that define Smargiasso knot covers. The taut surfaces and the marked lines define the character of the brand and the precise desire to be inspired by the dynamic shapes of the nautical and aerospace industries. A concentration of details that evoke the ambition and luxury of fine automotive interiors. A quality guaranteed by an attentive production that makes technology the perfect partner of a still manual and meticulous manufacture. A winning recipe distinct in style, sophisticated in technique and triumphant as a result. A secret that Smargiasso shares with the world through unique creations, individually designed for each customer.