Un accessorio di stile al contempo tradizionale e innovativo.

A stylish accessory that is both traditional and innovative.

The freedom to be as one likes drives the search for the stylish detail that excites. Smargiasso succeeds in expressing the concept of exclusivity through taut shapes clearly inspired by the world of sports cars and premium watches. Wearing a tie presupposes the desire to feel authentically elegant and formal in order to communicate one's personality in a clear and decisive manner. The knot cover, an innovative accessory in design and manufacture, represents for us the stylish detail that communicates a strong character. The intention to create a new way of wearing the tie is clear, with the intention of rediscovering elegance starting from a cornerstone of menswear. From the local goldsmith tradition, forged in metal alloy, the Distinto series represents excellence of high artistic value. In a nutshell, Smargiasso is a work of art dedicated to those who possess that special charisma that allows them to exaggerate.