Smargiasso al femminile

Smargiasso for Woman

The tie in the collective imagination has always been the detail that defines elegance and masculine style mainly linked to situations where a formal outfit is a must, while allowing, depending on the fashion of the moment, with the complicity of fabrics and colors, a sporty use. Few, in fact, know that it is since 1600 that this accessory is widely used in the sphere of female style with great success. The charm of a woman in a tie is out of the question and the lightness of its use, not linked to patterns of a formal dress code, gives the ease of being able to dare and experiment with endless ways of wearing it in a myriad of combinations. In this context, the Smargiasso knot cover becomes for the woman an element of style that stimulates the imagination and allows an innovative interpretation, a new way to communicate formal discontinuity with pride and elegance.