Il coprinodo un vezzo irresistibile

The knot cover is an irresistible habit

The tie is an accessory synonymous with elegance and refinement with particular weaves and fine fabrics. It is that particular detail capable of transmitting sensations of elegance and good taste. From the desire of exclusivity comes the Smargiasso tie cover. A stylish detail that doesn't want to obscure the charm of a nice and well-made knot, but to underline its importance by embellishing it outside the established aesthetic canons. Smargiasso was born from tradition looking at innovation. Every classic sartorial knot has a paternity that made it famous and a precise historical connotation. The same logic has been transferred into a design that certainly has an impact on the history of our time, with a philosophical look at the need to experiment with new formulas a recipe that comes from afar. The Smargiasso knot cover is an element that can and must communicate, it must make people talk about itself and make tangible the taste and the expertise of those who wear it, with taste, daring but never out of tune. It is a detail to be chosen according to one's personality and character to be matched with the choice of fabrics and patterns for every place and every occasion. Smargiasso represents, without any doubt, the innovation that has learned from tradition how to face our time.